Cleaning Green

Domus has always striven to meet and exceed client expectations. Over the last few years, we have focused on an increasingly important issue: The Environment.

Our Policy

Comprehensively green

Domus is proud to offer all of its clients a comprehensive green cleaning program. This program ensures that clients, tenants, employees and building visitors are provided with a clean building where environmentally conscious cleaning products, techniques and equipment are used.

A green cleaning program has many advantages. Not only does this program have little or no negative effect on the environment, but it also eliminates the risk of injuries and allergic reactions from the use of these products, saves energy and is more cost efficient.

A commitment to clean buildings and a clean environment.

Green Products & Technology

Using the best and greenest tools possible

Domus has always been a frontrunner in embracing technological advances to the industry. From cleaning equipment to alternative cleaning products that are environmentally friendly, Domus is always reviewing, testing and adopting new, green solutions that meet our standard of excellence.

In recent years, as technological advancements drastically changed our industry, Domus revamped its purchasing policy to reflect a shift in company and customer needs and to strengthen our commitment to community, healthy living and the environment.

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