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Utmost Care & Diligence

Over the years, Domus has earned the enviable reputation as one of the best janitorial companies in the area, specializing in a variety of commercial cleaning tasks:

Comprehensive Commercial Cleaning Solutions and Capabilities

As will attest our large and diverse portfolio of clients, Domus caters to the needs of customers spanning across all sectors of the economy. Domus has the know-how, resources and experience to fulfill even the most daunting of mandates.

The company currently provides comprehensive commercial cleaning services to single and multi-tenant office buildings, retail establishments, companies operating within various high tech industries, workplaces comprising of industrial and/or manufacturing facilities, institutional establishments and government designated buildings.

Clients of Domus can expect a highly qualified workforce at their service, equipped with the most effective and environmentally friendly tools and the motivation to deliver excellence.

Carpet Care and Maintenance

Carpet care and maintenance is an area of commercial cleaning in which we have distinguished ourselves early on, in large part due to the determination of the company’s founder to become a pioneer in the field. Domus’ carpet cleaning and maintenance team leverages the latest technological advancements to achieve efficiency and superior results.

Laboratory Maintenance and Cleaning

Domus’ experience is unparalleled when it comes to understanding the unique requirements and challenges brought about by laboratory facilities. For a number of decades, our company has provided laboratory maintenance and cleaning services to many of the most recognized institutions and reputable companies in the scientific field across Eastern Ontario.

Domus addresses each clients’ unique laboratory cleaning requirements individually while attentively following instructions & ensuring compliance.

Cleanroom Consultancy and Cleaning

For more than 30 years, Domus has been attending to the needs of some of the most prominent institutions and companies operating in the field of science and technology.

When it comes to Cleanroom cleaning, failure to comply with the required cleanliness levels can result in reduced product yields, compromised products or experiments and higher operating costs. Domus has invested in devising and employing a facility specific process approach with rigorous controls throughout to minimize the likelihood of contamination risks.

Domus’ expertise lies in establishing a set of standard operating procedures to ensure that all equipment, consumables (including gowning attire) and personnel training, are in conformance with the client’s particular cleanroom protocols. This consists of tailoring the cleaning services and documentation logs to the Cleanroom’s classification.

Day Cleaning and Porter/Matron Services

The main goal of these services is to maximize the upkeep of the premises while ensuring that tenants can derive maximum utility and enjoyment of the building. Our staff is mindful that efficiency and discretion are key when working in the presence of tenants and we customize our cleaning strategy accordingly.

One Time Cleaning Operations

One time cleaning operations are a most valuable service we provide not only to our existing clients but to first time customers as well. Whether it be additional cleaning to support routine maintenance, emergency cleanups (i.e. floods) or special events (i.e hosting a conference), Domus is fully prepared for any given situation.

Post-Construction Cleaning

Post construction cleanups generally demand a constant and concerted approach to cleaning if they are to be a success. More often than not, the worksites in question are in a continuous state of change due to the ongoing activities of the work at hand. Domus’ professionalism and thoroughness ensure your new or renovated space will be clean and move-in ready on time.

24 Hour On Call Service

Domus’ response time to emergencies or other unexpected events is the fastest and most reliable in the industry. With multiple teams ready for dispatch 24/7 our preparedness and our follow-through are designed to ensure quick and reliable emergency response service. 

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